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The tools used to design a website change but the fundamentals of good design do not. We understand how to design your website to meet your visitors’ expectations. Our knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) for both organic and local search is applied to each website we design. We apply industry best practices. Every website we design is responsive. This means your website will appear correct on both desktop and mobile devices. Our software allows you to add content at anytime to your website. You can add pictures or post a new product in just a few seconds. Two features we recently launched were the ability to add music content from Soundcloud and wrap text around pictures.

Our website design philosophy evolves with the industry. We will apply that evolution to the software running your website which ensures your website’s design stays current. We use technology referred in the tech world as SaaS (software as a service). This approach provides the best value in website design for a business or nonprofit. Traditional website designers will charge a large upfront design fee with a low monthly hosting charge. Every few years they will propose a software upgrade to your website and they charge a hourly rate to make any changes. The upgrade will be expensive and over time these changes add substantially to the cost of your website. Our website design software offers you the opposite experience. We design your website at an affordable price and charge a monthly fee that includes constant upgrades, support and hosting. You will never encounter a hourly or upgrade charge from us.

The content you put on your website is just as important as the technology running it. How to write content for your website? Read about our
CCPBR content strategy on this page.

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