Can I Put My Restaurants Menu on my allySite?

Of course! With our easy to use platform, you can have your full menu on your allySite! This way when someone is searching for places to eat in your area they are able to go to your site and browse your menu! Changes to the menu? No problem! Your allySite can be edited in no time, at any time!

What is SEO, and How do I do it?

SEO is simple! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means that we use keywords from your website that people search for so your website will come up in the search results! It's that easy!

Can I Connect my Social Media sites to my allySite?

Yes! You can connect just about any of your social media sites to your allySite! You are able to stream your Facebook feed, Twitter, Google+, Google Pages, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram... and the list goes on! You can even connect your blog!

Do I need a Desktop and a Mobile Site?

Yes! In today's fast paced economy it is necessary to have a website for users on the go! By 2015 mobile web browsing is predicted to overtake desktop Internet usage. In our world, 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop! Don't be left out! Your allySite is responsive. 

Can I Add Content To my Website?

You are in control of your allySite! It is accessible to you 24/7! allySites are very user friendly, and easy to edit!

What Kind Of Security Is On My Website?

Your allySite is backed up, secured, and protected in 3 different locations across the United States. Security will not be one of your concerns at allySites!

Where Do I Host My Website?

allySites is your host! We handle all of the housing, serving, and maintenance of your website!

What Does My Domain Name Cost?

allySites is very affordable! It costs $17.00 per year! That's only $1.42 per month!

How Do I Buy A Domain Name?

allySites will purchase your domain name for you! We purchase domain names, and manage renewals for you so you don't have to worry!

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