Banner Ad Targeting

Always reach real people with your banner ads.

CRM Data
We can use your CRM data to serve banner ads to your existing customers. This is a useful route if you see repeat business from customers or if you have new services you want to promote to prior customers.

This is similar to how a service company puts yard signs or distributes flyers in a neighborhood that they performed a service. We can deliver banner ads to homes around the customer you are servicing. This only targets houses on the same street as your customer.

New Movers
There are three stages that we can target movers; Pre-Mover, Escrow 
and Post-Mover. We use data to determine the moving stage of people in specific zip codes and target them with your services. We design banner ads specifically for each stage.

Physical Location Targeting By Zip Code
We can target the homes in zip codes you are focused on to grow your business.  Our solution is better than regular zip code targeting with banner ads because we aren’t using cookies and the below Match Bank Analysis gives you the ability to see if the banner ads are driving sales.

Match Back Analysis
This is possibly the most valuable part of our software. After we run the above campaigns, we can analyze your sales to determine, if the homes we delivered banner ads to converted to 
a customer. You would provide us with a file containing physical addresses tied to sales during the period the banner ads ran, and our software would determine the percentage that received ads. 



Our banner ad targeting is 100% cookie free, which means we only serve ads to real people. We can correlate 60% - 68% of homes and businesses physical addresses to IP addresses. Our software uses 38 different data points while processing 1,000,000 digital records every second.  We are 95% accurate when matching addresses with IPs.