Ever thought of writing your own “Best of” content? It might sound like a crazy idea, but actually, it’s a great idea.

5 Reasons why you should have
“Best of” content on your website.
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1. Best is best. The word “best” is a powerful and frequently used word in online searches. According to Think With Google, mobile searches for “best” have grown over 80% in the last two years. This is across the board from high-ticket items to everyday items.

2.  It’s what people want. How many times have you added the word “best” to whatever you are searching for? The best olive oil, the best toothpaste, the best raincoat, the best chainsaw, etc. With so many options and brands available, making a buying decision can be overwhelming. A “best of” list is the perfect solution to help your customers narrow down their choices.

3. You’re the best. By delivering information that people want, your website becomes a “best of” by default. The focus is clearly on the customer. It’s not all about you and your company, it never was. It’s about your customers and what is important to them. What this really means is, don’t list your company as one of the best. By this simple omission, your actions will speak loud and clear and you won’t come across as being biased.

4. You are achieving transparency, which online shoppers expect. Instead of hiding behind a company billboard, you are allowing your customers the opportunity to get to know you—how you think, what your values are and how you conduct business.

5. It builds trust and allows customers to drop their guard, so to speak. By providing useful content, you and your customer become more of a team. It is no longer you vs. them. Trust is established early, providing a strong foundation to build upon and maintain a long-term relationship in the future.

For a better understanding of “best of” content, let’s explore a common dilemma most of us have experienced, “Where should we go to dinner?” Well, first of all, let’s get some recommendations from Google by searching for the “best restaurant in Huntsville, AL”.  The following are the top 5 results:
1. The 10 Best Huntsville Restaurants - TripAdvisor
2. Best Restaurants downtown in Huntsville, AL - Yelp
3. Best Restaurants in Huntsville - Urbanspoon/Zomato
4. The Best of Alabama’s Food in Huntsville, America - The Culture Trip
5. Huntsville Dining & Restaurant Reviews - AL.com

Typically, the top results include sites that specialize in publishing reviews. But, what if a restaurant published its own “best of” list. Why? Well, because a restaurant owner probably has pretty high standards when it comes to eating out at other restaurants. Therefore, his or her opinion holds weight and is viewed as a knowledgeable and trusted source.

Here is a possible scenario.
Big Ed’s Pizza in Huntsville, AL is rated as one of the best places to eat pizza. The folks at Big Ed’s know about good food—they’ve been in the business over 50 years. So where do they go on a night off from the restaurant? What makes their list of “The Best 10 Restaurants in Huntsville?”Posts like this help prospective customers relate to your business on a personal level with the shared value of enjoying a great meal. After reading Big Ed’s list, customers may decide they want pizza after all. But if not, you can be sure that the next time they have a pizza craving, Big Ed’s will be the first place that comes to mind. Here are a few other “best of” topic ideas for Big Ed’s Pizza:
  • Big Ed’s top 5 list of best Italian cheeses
  • 7 secrets to making the best pizza dough
  • 5 best Italian markets in Huntsville, AL

“Best of“ Content Ideas. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Check out the links to see how other companies put these ideas into practice.
  • Staff favorites - Introduce your staff and showcase their top picks. Wine House Staff Picks
  • Best Manufacturers - Help your customers learn about different manufacturers in your industry. The Best Chainsaw
  • Best styles, features, models - Do your own research and provide information about unique features. Get specific—best leather couch, best faux-leather couch, best plaid fabric couch, best natural fiber couch, best hide-a-bed couch…you get the idea. It’s okay if you do not sell some of the items that make it on your list. Sending a customer to a competitor is not all that bad. In fact, in some cases, competitors will be honored to have made it on a “best of” list, sharing your article and even linking to it from their own website. This creates a win-win situation for everyone. The Best Leather Sofa
  • Best designs/designers - Best Front Porch Design
  • Competitors - Every business has competitors. Research the top competitors in your area and provide content with honest and fair comparisons. This also brings traffic, you otherwise may not have gotten, to your website. Be sure to target your specific location if your business relies on local business. Best Appliance Stores Near Boston
  • Products- Look up a product you sell and read the reviews. What are the customers saying? What do they want to know? Take an issue and come up with a “Best of” article relating to that issue. Black Stainless Steel Appliances

By providing “best of” content on your website, you are narrowing down a sea of unlimited choices to a few solid, tried and tested options that stand above the rest. People want to be comfortable with their buying decisions and this type of information makes it much easier for that to happen. Your opinion matters, not just in your own circle but in the industry. By virtue of being in business, you have experience and knowledge that no one else has. Focus on teaching, helping and solving another’s problems, without trying to make a sale. Remember, if they are reading your “Best of” article, they are already on your site.—give them a reason to hang around awhile.

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